Patient Testimonials

Raymond Minkalis, Homewood, IL — 3/16/18

Had both shoulders replaced and left hip replacement done by Dr. Nigro. Great Job and no problems.

Christopher Evans — 3/9/18

Dr. Nigro has provided exceptional care throughout my ACL/Meniscus injury and repair process. I recommend Dr. Nigro and fellow staff to anyone facing a knee injury.

Robert Wicks, Mokena IL — 12/22/17

My problem was a rotator cuff tear and fracture with frequent shoulder dislocation. The surgery repair was painless, postop I used pain med for a few days then off. Now back to normal. Excellent.

Eugene Willis, Matteson, IL — 11/8/2017

My knee replacement surgery was a great medical experience. Doctor Nigro was quite good in every area of this procedure. I didn't have major pain after the procedure was performed.

Georgia Casella, Orland Park, IL — 11/6/17

Very professional. Addressed all my needs with no post-op complications. Now pain free after rotator cuff repair and able to return to all of my yoga and weight training activities.

Melissa Holyoke, Orland Park, IL — 10/23/2017

I am very pleased with the results from my ACL surgery. The recovery process has been much quicker than I would anticipate and my knee is healing great! I appreciate the work done by Dr. Nigro and his team and would highly recommend.

Robert Rambo, Markham, IL — 10/16/17

Total knee replacement. Everything went smooth with the whole Ingalls services. Back to work on schedule.

Judy Rollins — 10/17/18

I would recommend Dr. Nigro to anyone. I have been dealing with shoulder pain for a few years. After my surgery I am pain free.

Evelyn Webb, Chicago Heights, IL — 8/23/17

I had both shoulders replaced with Dr. Nigro. He shows extreme compassion on exams and never rushes through an office visit, always asks if I have any more questions. He is very thorough, and makes me feel comfortable and well cared for. I would recommend him to anyone.

Camille Willson, Crete, IL — 8/18/17

Very pleased with my two shoulder replacements that Dr Nigro performed this past year. Friendly and informative. Actually had no pain after surgery. Does not rush you and answers all questions. Would definitely recommend him.

Cynthia Mushier — July 2017

I was very anxious about having my hip replaced, but Dr. Nigro was not just professional but patient and explained everything thoroughly. The office staff is friendly and very accommodating which makes the experience more pleasant. Best of all, I no longer have pain when walking, sitting for long periods. Happy to get my life back!

Kenneth Popp — June 2017

Had knee replacement. Doctor is very thorough with diagnosis and does explain diagnosis thoughtfully. Does suggest least complicated procedure first. Was very polite and pleasant to deal with. I would recommend him to anyone.

Sharon Popp — June 2017

Wonderful doctor and staff. Could not ask for better! My knee replacement healed so quickly that the therapist wanted to know who my doctor was. God bless all of you!

Terrence Stoeff — June 2017

My knee replacement has been a fantastic experience. Dr. Nigro is a magician. The operation and recovery were the easiest possible. Not only that, there was no knee pain ever! I cannot express how wonderful this process has been- Thank you all!

Reginald Foster — May 2017

I was very skeptical of the procedure at first, but Dr. Phillip Nigro provided wonderful advice and shared his knowledge about total hip replacement, which helped me make a decision to go forth with the procedure. Thanks! No regrets here!!!

Carole Fontana — May 2017

Very highly satisfied with Dr. Nigro. He has been very professional and highly skilled and provided me with total resolution of my shoulder problems with successful replacement.

Florine Short — May 2017

I am very pleased with the reults of m total knee replacement with Dr. Phillip Nigro. I was told my knee was one of the worst conditions he has seen. The therapy has been excellent. It has allowed me to regain knee range of motion. I can walk better and with continuing exercises I know my knee will feel better. I would highly recommend a total knee replacement when needed.

Sonya Swann — April 2017

Please people this man saved my life I have been to several other surgeons and no one has done what this man did for me in one visit I was so scared for knee replacement at 51 i walked with no pain right after surgery by myself of course I was still under a lot of anesthesia but even after it wore off I did not have anymore hip pain or back pain don't get me wrong I had some pain more discomfort than anything coming from what I endured for one year I did not want to live thank you.

Gloria Chapman — April 2017

My knee replacement surgery was complete success, the process of the surgery and therapy was exactly as doctor said it would be. I had a very good therapist and my healing process was very fast and painless.

Lorraine Peterson — April 2017

Received excellent care from Dr. Phillip Nigro, MD, Ingalls Rehab, Ingalls Healthcare in Tinley Park and Ingalls Hospital, Harvey, IL

Laverne Robertson — January 2017

Dr. Nigro is thorough both pre and postoperatively. He advised me what to expect preoperatively and the results postoperatively. He was compassionate and caring. His surgical skills are fantastic: I had great results, minimal postoperative pain and did NOT develop an infection I will recommend him to everyone. It doesn't get any better than this, Thank you Dr. Nigro for a great surgical experience and wonderful results.

Minnie Brady — August 2016

Wonderful Experience. Very little pain. Love Doctor Nigro, very pleased. Life is better with the new knee. The hospital was also great.

William in Crete — March 2016

I am an amputee of the right leg. My shoulder was terrible, painful, couldn't lift arm and couldn't sleep. I came to see Dr. Nigro and he did a reverse shoulder replacement. Now I have no pain and I am very happy with my arm. I have substantially more mobility in my arm and am looking forward to getting back to golf.

Anonymous — June 2014

Dr. Nigro did a wonderful job taking care of my injury. I appreciate his kind mannerism, accurate diagnosis and his overall care and concern for my well being. I felt like he listened to my concerns, addressed them in a way that was easy for me to understand and helped me solve my problem. I would definitely recommend Dr. Nigro to others. Thank you for your help.

Barb Whitcraft — November 2013

I was lucky to find this doctor. I had excruciating pain down my arm and had difficulty sleeping at night. Upon examination, it was decided I need a total shoulder replacement. Dr. Nigro explained the procedure in detail, answering all my concerns. He did an excellent job and I have literally been pain free since my operation. I would definitely recommend him.

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