Dr. Phillip Nigro

Combining leading-edge expertise in shoulder and elbow orthopedics, sports surgery and hip and knee replacement, Dr. Nigro always seeks the best solution for each patient. Dr. Nigro combines non-operative options such as directed physical therapy, visco-supplementation, bracing, and medication along with surgical treatment to optimize pain relief and the ability to return to normal activities. With a patient-centered approach, he devotes time and attention to gaining a solid understanding of each patient's unique situation, seeking the best approach for each individual.

In 2011 Dr. Nigro completed a chief residency training in advanced techniques for knee and hip replacement at the Harvard-affiliated New England Baptist Hospital. He has uses advanced kinematic techniques for performing total knee and partial knee replacements. Also, he utilizes a minimally invasive anterior approach technique for hip replacements.

In 2012, Dr. Nigro earned an esteemed Shoulder & Elbow Fellowship from the Florida Orthopaedic Institute. He received specialty training in the latest techniques for total shoulder replacement, reverse shoulder replacement, elbow replacement, arthroscopic rotator cuff and labral repair, elbow arthroscopy and sports injury treatment of the upper extremity.

Dr. Nigro has extensive experience in fracture care and general orthopedic. He provides individualized expert care for a spectrum of orthopedic problems.

Dr. Nigro's Practice Philosophy

My philosophy is to work with patients to understand why they are having pain. My aim is to provide each patient with the knowledge to make an educated decision about how to pursue treatment. Often times that may be directed physical therapy, bracing or even a cortisone injection. When patients have problems that do not improve with non-surgical treatment, we then may consider surgical treatment. My feeling is that it is important to partner with each patient to come to an educated decision when considering surgery. I consider it my privilege to have the opportunity to provide excellent care for my patients.

Dr. Nigro specializes in: total knee replacement, partial knee replacement, arthroscopic knee surgery, ACL reconstruction, meniscus repair, cartilage repair techniques, cartilage transplant surgery, total shoulder replacement, reverse shoulder replacement, arthroscopic rotator cuff repair, arthroscopic labral repair, tendon and ligament repair, fracture repair.

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