Partial Knee Replacement

Partial knee replacement helps patients dealing with knee arthritis get back to their usual activities with less pain and better function. 10-20% of people dealing with knee arthritis, only one side or compartment of the knee has worn cartilage. In this type of individual, Dr. Nigro performs a partial knee replacement to maximize the best possible outcomes for patients.

The premise of partial knee replacement is similar to total knee replacement in that the worn cartilage surfaces are removed and replaced with smooth prosthetic surfaces. However, in partial knee replacement, the healthy and unworn compartments of the knee are left intact. Careful, individualized surgical technique is used to restore the worn surfaces to their pre-arthritic position. Because, partial knee replacement only replaces the worn compartment of the knee, the incision is smaller, the rehabilitation and pain relief are more rapid. This technique AVOIDS the need for cutting ligaments and tendons in the knee as is typically required in traditional knee replacements. This gives patients a quicker recovery and better function with a more natural feeling knee than with traditional methods.

Knee replacement is typically done with patients staying in the hospital for one or two nights. Patients start walking the day of or morning after surgery depending on whether surgery was in the morning or afternoon. Overall, patients can expect to have substantial pain relief and better function after their total knee replacement.

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