I'm considering knee replacement, what things do I need to know?

Knee replacement is a very effective way to replace damaged arthritic surfaces in the knee allowing individuals to feel better, move more and live a more healthy life. I personally perform two types of knee replacement - a partial or a total knee replacement- depending on the way that arthritis affects your knee. This can be determined with an exam, xrays and sometimes requires an MRI.

Patients undergoing knee replacement will typically spend two nights in the hospital. Patients are up and walking the day of the surgery or the next morning, depending if the surgery took place in the morning or afternoon. After surgery, patients will take aspirin twice per day for six weeks to prevent blood clots. A waterproof dressing is placed over the knee incision that allows for showering right away.

After hospital discharge a therapist will come to your house for the first two weeks to help with your knee exercises. After two weeks patients will typically go to an outpatient therapy twice per week for four more weeks. We work closest with the therapists at the Flossmoor, Calumet City and Tinley Park Ingalls family care centers, but therapy may be done a various other facilities if it is most convenient to the patient.

Relief from knee pain is very good after knee replacement with success rates of 90-95%.

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