I have knee arthritis... what things can I do to help my pain that do not involve surgery?

One thing I believe very strongly is that specific exercises for the knee can help substantially in people with arthritis. One of the best ways to help reduce pain from an arthritic knee is exercises. Arthritis usually causes stiffness and reduced range of motion to the knee joint. As arthritis progresses, people are often unable to fully straighten or bend their knee. This can cause alteration in the way one walks, further worsening the pain in the arthritic knee as well as putting more stress on other joints (hip, ankle, other knee...)

For this I will have patients work on stretching exercises to regain the range of motion to the knee. This can help delay pain from arthritis in the knee in up to 75% of people. For specific exercises, you can use the exercises listed on my website under the Your Surgery > Orthopedic Therapy Protocols page and open the "Total Knee therapy protocol". The key is to remain consistent spending 5-10 minutes doing the stretching exercises every morning. In some cases I will send patients to a physical therapist for a tailored program that can be done at home.

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